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evisiting the headlines of 2015, it can be seen as a year of crisis for Europe as we know it today. The Europe as envisioned and eventually put into practice by Winston Churchill, by Konrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaules to Jeans-Claude Junker and Angela Merkel. A Europe that seems to drift apart as ideas of equity and solidarity seem to be superseded by national egotisms and particular interests.

The evidence is becoming painfully conclusive: In many member states of the European Union, parties and party-like institutions more and more succeed in national – worse European – elections while clearly questioning the European idea and European values that build the foundation of the European Union. Thereby this unsettling phenomenon is not unique to one particular region, but instead can be found throughout Europe.

We have enjoyed a never-seen-before period of peace in Western and Central Europe, but the flame of peace seems to dwindle. The recent waves of refugees from the Near and Mid